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Tax Season Timeline – Tax Year 2023

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  • January – start looking for your tax documents to arrive in the mail (W2s and 1099s)
  • February 5-April 13 – tax season is open! drop off early if you can
    • If you’re waiting on that one last investment document, drop off everything else early – it lets us get started sooner. When the last item comes, just drop off, mail, or send in the portal and we can finish up your return.
  • Mid-March – investment documents should be headed your way
  • March 25 – the LAST DAY to drop off for completion by Tax Day
  • March 26 – April 13 – we welcome your drop off but we will be at capacity to complete it by Tax Day. We will contact you to file an extension, and work on your return after April 15.
  • April 13 – the last day to pick up your finished return in the office
  • September 1 – drop off deadline for tax returns on extension
  • October 15 – filing deadline for tax returns on extension


  • It’s tax time! What should I be preparing for?
  • What do I bring in?
    • Generally, any documents that you brought the year before – tax documents detailing your income, investments, etc. Those might look like:
      • Income – W2, 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC
      • Unemployment – 1099-G
      • Investments – 1099-INT
      • Retirement – 1099-R
      • Social Security – 1099-SSA
      • Home ownership – a 1098 mortgage interest statement, real estate or property tax receipts, closing statements if you sold/bought properties
      • Health care – 1095 forms
        • If you are itemizing medical costs, please summarize in a document but keep your receipts at home.
      • Dependents – childcare costs, 529 college savings plan, college student’s 1098-T tuition form
    • Make a note about changes in the year – births, deaths, name changes, marital status, address change, new jobs, home purchase or sale, etc.
  • Where can I drop it off?

Don’t Delay! Drop offs before March 25 will be completed by Tax Day.

Drop offs March 26 and later will go on extension.

  • What happens next?
    • Your drop off goes in the queue, and when your accountant is working on your return they will call to talk with you and go over any questions. They’ll let you know when it’s ready to pick up, sign, and pay. You can finish up in person, virtually, or by mail – just let your accountant know.
  • I’d like to be a new client.
    • We’d like you to be our new client! Please say hello here and our Office Manager will be in touch.
  • Oops, I found another document after I already dropped off.
    • No problem – just drop off, send in the portal, fax, or mail your item and we will add it to your folder.
  • Did you get my mailer?
    • Due to the volume received, we don’t automatically call to confirm, but give us a ring or email to ask. We recommend mailing with a tracking number and having copies as backup.
  • When will I hear from you?
    • Please check if your voicemail is full – this is the primary reason we cannot reach a client.
    • We value your business – our staff works 7 days a week during tax season to process our client returns! Accountants will call or email to talk with you, and we prepare returns in the order they’re received. We will give a time estimate when you drop off.
    • Additionally, there are several times in tax season that are very busy periods due to additional deadlines (corporate returns, investment paperwork being received, and quarterly taxes). We appreciate your patience if you dropped off mid-March!
  • Can you file an extension for me? How does that work?
    • Yes, we’d be happy to. Please call or email to get started anytime.
    • An extension gives you more time to file but not extra time to pay. We file the extension and we’ll make a recommendation if you should send a payment to the IRS or the state. You can pay with paper voucher or by direct withdrawal, or by making your own payment through
      • Failure to make payment of anticipated taxes due with your extension may result in penalties and interest from the IRS. They will mail a letter with the fees.
    • The extension filing deadline is mid-October, and we’ll need your documents by September 1 at the latest.
  • How can I check the status of my return or refund?
  • Why did I get this letter from the IRS or the state?
    • Sometimes they need more information or are sending an invoice. Please send it in the portal, in person, or by mail and we’ll take a look.
  • Can I deduct for my home office?
    • On the Federal return, home office expenses are not listed out anymore (they’re in a generic deduction now). On the state, yes.
      • Please send us a list/spreadsheet of the totals (but keep the receipts at home for your records).
        • Is it a dedicated room?
        • How many months of the year was it in use?
        • Square footage of your house Square footage of any home office space
        • Homeowner’s insurance paid in the tax year
        • Real estate taxes paid in the tax year
        • Any office items purchased for your home office that weren’t already reimbursed by your employer – furniture, equipment, supplies, etc.
        • Any improvements to the home office (painting, etc)
        • Utility totals for the year – gas, water, sewage, garbage, internet, electric, etc.